File Processing Systems

Even the earliest business computer systems were used to process business records and produce information. They were generally faster and more accurate than equivalent manual systems. These systems stored groups of records in separate files, and so they were called file processing systems. Although file processing systems are a great improvement over manual systems, they do have the following limitations:

Data is separated and isolated.

Data is often duplicated.

Application programs are dependent on file formats.

It is difficult to represent complex objects using file processing systems. Data is separate and isolated. Recall that as the marketing manager you needed to relate sales data to customer data. Somehow you need to extract data from both the CUSTOMER and ORDER files and combine it into a single file for processing. To do this, computer programmers determine which parts of each of the files are needed. Then they determine how the files

GSM Mobile Phones Technology for Today!

Also known as unlocked cell phones, GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communications. Global System for Mobile is a second generation communication standard developed to provide voice services and data transfer by means of digital modulation. The subscribers of GSM fall under the GSM worldwide network and who can operate their phones at any place around the world.

In this ever changing technology world, now you dont have to stick to the same phone as GSM mobile has a SIM card, which can get inserted in any of the GSM device. Moreover, GSM mobile provides more functionality and is handy.

In the month of January 2011, India saw an addition of 13.7 million new GSM subscribers which bring the total number to over 556.6 million. It is anticipated that almost 80% of the worlds mobile market is served under this technology encompassing more than 1.5 billion people across

Success through Technology for Unsigned Music Charts

The plethora of music newbies in the music industry is mind boggling as these hopefuls aspire to be famous with their musical abilities and vocal talents. It is ambition of every aspiring musical star to make it to the popular music charts where thousands and perhaps even millions purchase their records.

Climbing the ladder

Musical hopefuls who aspire to climb the music chart ladder must be talented and determined in their quest. They would need perseverance and patience to walk the long journey due to the intense competition in the music industry. Their vocal talent must be impressive to a wide audience; their stage performance must be captivating; their musical abilities should be obvious. These and more characteristics help push a musical talent forward. Today’s musical superstars started out as unsigned artistes yesterday; yet through perseverance, they make their way through unsigned music charts first before switching lanes

Thermal Camera Technology

Thermographic camera or what is called FLIR, Forward Looking Infrared, is type of cameras which produces an image with the use of infrared radiations or wavelength that differs from the common cameras which use the visible light.
How do thermal cameras work? Since it depends on the wavelength, its necessary to know a bit about the radiations produced by objects. Each object produces a certain amount of black bodies. From its name we can guess that it absorbs the electromagnetic radiation falling on it.

It is black because it cannot reflect or even transmit these radiations, which make the object black when it becomes cold. So, it is the cameras job to detect these radiations, since, the more temperature the object is, the more production of infrared radiation of black bodies. It is the same process done by a usual camera that handles visible light.

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The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Voip Technology


VoIP has become so popular that every where in the world you will find this technology evolving exponentially. No matter which business you are running, to be able to get the fullest output you should be relying on the VoIP usage. Like any other technology VoIP has many advantages that is attracting people from all over the world and from any size and type of business to implement the use of VoIP systems. Some of the benefits of VoIP are as follows.


1.Cost Reduction: The VoIP implementation means lowering the total cost of operations and maintenance of the telephony. The cost of both the data and the voice networks are lowered with the usage of IP telephony.
2.Simplification: The equipment and wiring costs are further lowered by the use of integrated systems. As the communication is made through a single wire the